Oviku Secure Lock (eng)

Oviku Secure Lock (eng)

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The only pick proof protection for Nordic and Baltic countries.

Secure your home, secure your dreams. At home, we all want to feel secure. Especially at night. A good night’s sleep is a result of knowing for sure that you, your family and your home are safe. With a turn of a knob, you can rest easy now. Our new patented pick and bump proof protection keeps any unwanted visitors outside while you sleep.
For Nordic and Baltic markets.

Patented pick & bump proof protection.

Unpickable, unbumpable, unbelieavable. Oviku Secure Lock is based on our patented lock securing mechanism - an innovation designed to redefine the home security standards. By selecting the Secured locking stage on Oviku Secure Lock, you activate the unique pick and bump proof protection for your existing front door lock. When secured by Oviku Secure Lock, the cylinder of your lock doesn’t turn at all, making it impossible to enter even with the original key.

Safe and easy exit

Safety comes in many forms. The operation of the Oviku Secure Lock was designed safety first. In an emergency, numerous locks and chains can take precious time to unlock. Oviku Secure Lock unlocks quickly and easily. The outer rim texture of the locking knob enables a firm grip with wet hands. The locking knob and the opening switch are light to operate. This enables easy and safe use by the children and the elderly as well.

Nordic design

Looks good, feels good. In addition to security, the key elements in our design are easy to use practicality and elegant style. We want our products to look great and match different kinds of home interiors. But we also want them to feel great. A perfect fit for your hand and your home.

Easy retrofit

Just 15 minutes and a screwdriver. Oviku Secure Lock is compatible with most common Nordic and Baltic lock types and it's easy to install to the inside of your door by yourself. Only the interior part of your current lock is replaced. The exterior part remains untouched. Your door looks the same from the outside and your original keys work as before. But now your home is protected against picking, bumping and any unwanted attempts of entry with a copied or stolen key.

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