Oviku Nero (eng)

Oviku Nero (eng)

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Makes your current lock smarter

Oviku Nero is designed to transform your current lock into a smart lock. You don’t need to change your lock or keys when you start using Oviku Nero. Then your smart device acts as your house key. The device is installed between the door and the turn-knob and in no time your old lock has the ingenious features of the latest smart lock technology.

Make your current lock into a smart lock

You can forget the keys - with Oviku Nero your smart device will act as a key. If you prefer you can still use your old keys, for your old lock remains intact. The product is compatible with most

Finnish locks and it is very easy to install.

Get notifications when your family arrives home

With Oviku Nero you can track with your mobile phone when your door is being used and who is using it. Therefore, you will know when your family arrives home or when friends are visiting.

Share single access and permanent access keys

With Oviku Nero you can allow tradesmen or a postman for instance, one-off limited time access to your home, while your family and friends have permanent access keys. You can also remove access keys at any time managing this way who can enter your home.

>> Technical information
>> Instructions for installation and use
>> Use of Nero's phone application

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